Frequently Asked Questions


A number of questions arise each year on the organisation and administration of the festival, conditions and details of entry and other associated matters. Thise page set out a number of these points for your information. If your question is not covered here, please email using the contact us section or contact the relevant Section Secretary or other Officer of the Festival who will be pleased to deal with it.

In some cases these points amplify matters already set out in the General Rules of the Festival: these FAQ pages are not a substitute for a proper reading and understanding of the General Rules.

1.1 How is the Festival organised?

1.2 What are the dates of the Festival?

1.3 How do I enter the Festival?

1.4 Where can I get a copy of the Syllabus from?

1.5 Where do I get an application form from?

1.6 What are the General Rules covering the Festival?

2.1 How do I choose what to play?

2.2 Can I play the same piece in more than one class?

2.3 Can I play a piece from a "set piece" class in an "own choice" class?

2.4 Can I play an "own choice piece" in more than one class?

2.5 What do I do if I want to enter classes in more than one Section?

2.6 Where do I return the application form to?

2.7 What happens if I miss the closing date?

3.1 What do I do if I am ill or going to be unable to attend for any reason?

3.2 Can I change my choice of piece(s)?

3.3 What copies of music do I have to submit, and when?

3.4 Can I use photocopies of music?

4.1 Who are the adjudicators, and how are they chosen?

4.2 How does the adjudicator judge my performance?

4.3 What feedback to I get?

4.4 I know that I am the only competitor in my class, or perhaps one of only two. Is there any point in coming to the Festival?

5.1 Where are the Festival classes held?

5.2 Can I park at the venue?

5.3 What happens when I arrive?

5.4 What do I do if I am late for my class?

5.5. How do you decide in what order competitors perfom?

5.6 Can I record my performance either on audio or video tape

5.7. Do I need to bring a music stand?

5.8. Do I need to bring a tape recorder or CD player?

5.9 If I win a medal or a trophy, do I keep it?

6.1 Do you provide accompanists?

6.2 Can I bring my own accompanist?

6.3 Can I rehearse with the official accompanist before my class?

7.1 Can relatives/friends/teachers attend my class?

7.2 Are refreshments available?

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